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Choose The Best Waist Trainer – Meet Our Waist Trainer Reviews

Here we are ready to show you where to find the best waist trainer.

The cincher has been around in one form or another since the 16th century. While they never went away, it wasn’t until the 21st century that their use became a major and popular resource. A comedian like Phyllis Diller once might make a joke at her expense about wearing one. Today, we talk openly about how cinchers are changing what women see in the mirror.

We’re going to break it all down so that you can join the party. Let’s go through a library of waist trainer reviews and give you smart ladies the info you need to make smart decisions.

Our Top Waist Trainers

Waist Trainer Corset Cincher
Waist Trainer Corset Cincher
Our Review
SEXYWG Women’s Waist Trainer Cincher
SEXYWG Women’s Waist Trainer Cincher
Our Review
MUKATU Women’s Waist Trainer Girdle
MUKATU Women’s Waist Trainer Girdle
Our Review

Waist Trainer vs. Waist Cincher

Waist Trainer vs. Waist CincherThere are major differences in types of shapewear, but everyone tends to lump them into a single category. Even we have to admit to interchanging terms like waist trainer and waist cincher. The fact is they are completely different. They both are resources for shaping the torso, creating leaner and sexier curves, and a flattened tummy, but they perform using different function.

One major difference between the waist cincher and the waist trainer is the former is engineered to remove up to three inches from a waistline while its worn. Women looking to smooth out the bulges beneath their clothes have found the cincher to be invaluable. The best waist trainers on the other hand are designed to actually shape the torso, giving a woman the hourglass figure so many of us dream of.

Weight cinchers fit around the midsection. They may have an under- or overbust. Some can be worn as clothes, over clothes and under clothes. This is why they come in a number of styles to accommodate everything from getting into a dress to maximizing a workout.

Waist Trainer vs Waist CincherThe best type of waist trainer may provide similar function, but will be safer to use compared to the cincher. The trainer does not compress the lungs and rib cage the way a cincher might in its efforts to change the frame. Waist trainers are definitely the option if you plan to use a shaping aid during your exercise regimens.

The trainer will be flexible and effective. The cincher may be more restrictive when it comes to movement. While there are cinchers designed for multiple uses, that means redesigning its original purpose in order to align its function with waist trainers reviews. In essence, the cincher will lose its strength of purpose to accommodate varying uses.

If you’re having trouble choosing between the waist trainer and the waist cincher, you’re in the right place. Use our cincher and waist trainers reviews to make informed decisions.

What is The Best Waist Trainer?

Figuring out which shapewear in waist training is the best is as easy as reading our reviews on waist trainers. Our list of 10 of the best waist training devices will include all the info you need to start shopping. We have the top brands like Supplim, Camellias and FeelinGirl. There are open and honest pros and cons so you have a strong idea of what you’re getting into should you buy any of these products. We cover features, as well as the minute details and defects. By time you get to the last product, you’ll have a better idea of what these tools are capable of and how to choose the one that’s best for you.

Best Waist Trainer Reviews – Top Picks for 2017

Waist Trainer Corset Cincher

Supplim Waist Trainer


The Waist Trainer Corset Cincher is a tummy trimmer belt designed for weight loss and lumbar support. Engineered from a breathable, lightweight and stretchable fabric, this best waist trimmer is going to provide exceptional body shaping. It offers double compression and will give you that hourglass shape immediately.


  • This waist belt only requires wrapping around the tummy and strapping up.
  • The device reduces and shapes the abdomen and waist, and it supports the back for good posture.
  • This waist trainer is excellent for post-partum abdominal support, helping to reshape the figure.
  • The additional lumbar support will aid in the feeling of being strong, toned and sexy.


  • Customers have complained of defects such as out of place rods.
  • The device can be seen under certain clothes.

Overall Value for the Money

The Waist Trainer Corset Cincher is an all-year round solution, easy to use and an effective resource for creating your dream body. Firm and flexible at the same time, it will give you a better shape right away and will be instrumental in weight loss.

Maxboost Premium Unisex Weight Loss Ab Belt & Waist Trimmer

Waist Trimmer, Maxboost Premium


This device is the definition of what waist trainer is the best. The Maxboost Premium Unisex Weight Loss Ab Belt & Waist Trimmer is perfect as an optimal workout enhancer. Its design promotes form and function. When you work out, it encourages sweating and fat burning while providing abdominal and back support. For the best waist shaper experience, this device retains heat in the core, increasing sweat levels and elevating calorie burn.


  • This waist training solution keeps heat in the core and enhances caloric burn and sweat levels.
  • The anti-slip lining holds the device in place by repelling sweat so that it never slips.
  • The neoprene material contours for a comfortable fit around the torso.


  • After a few uses, the waist trimmer begins rolling down.

Overall Value for the Money

The Maxboost Premium Unisex Weight Loss Ab Belt & Waist Trimmer is an all-in-one solution for slicing stubborn fat around the waist and aiding with weight loss. Create the right fit with its adjustable Velcro strap, burn calories, and get exceptional support for posture.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer w/ Sample of Sweet Sweat Workout

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer


The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer promises a contoured and flexible custom fit. This best training corset adjusts to shape and size. The device comes with a sample of the manufacturer’s best selling Sweet Sweat Gel. The gel improves circulation and sweating, promotes muscle and thermogenic activity, and accelerates warm-up and recovery.


  • This trimmer easily fits around the waist, promising comfort and natural flexibility.
  • The packaging comes with the manufacturer’s Sweet Sweat Gel, an excellent enhancer for any exercise regimen.
  • The device maximizes core temps during exercise, encouraging sweating and fat burn.


  • Users with neoprene allergies have ended up with rashes and other ill effects.
  • There have been complaints the device has an offensive odor that cannot be washed out.
  • The waist trimmer’s color can wash into clothes.

Overall Value for the Money

You’re going to love how the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer delivers, helping you to lose weight and providing tummy control. The latex-free neoprene helps repel moisture, minimizing slippage and bunching.

SEXYWG Women’s Waist Trainer Cincher

SEXYWG Womens Waist Trainer


The SEXYWG Women’s Waist Trainer Cincher will give every woman the hourglass shape she wants. It smooths the tummy and waist area, creating a sleek and curvy silhouette. The waist trainer cincher shapes and defines. It will also create a trim line between hip and chest. Use the SEXYWG Women’s Waist Trainer as a workout band, for weight loss training and post-partum girdle support. Our waist training reviews found the fabric to be soft and breathable, and undetectable even beneath fitting dresses and thin knits.


  • With a steel bone foundation, this trainer is ready to build your hourglass figure.
  • Additional lumbar support in the design defines tone and sexiness, and encourages the good posture associated with confidence.
  • The waist trainer features double compression tech.


  • Consumers are disappointed about the product not being true to size.

Overall Value for the Money

With the SEXYWG Women’s Waist Trainer Cincher, you learn what is the best waist trainer and how it will improve your figure and weight goals. Double compression technology, steel bone design, lumbar back support, it’s all here.

FeelinGirl Women’s Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt Body Shaper Back Brace

FeelinGirl Womens Adjustable Waist Trimmer


The FeelinGirl Women’s Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt Body Shaper Back Brace has reinforced acrylic bones in a heavy canvas. Designed to be worn as a top, compression can be controlled from high to low to accommodate shaping, training and stripping off inches. It has mesh backing, ensuring breathability, and double-adjustment Velcro for accurate sizing.


  • This waist trimmer belt is perfect for fitness activities, including the gym, yoga and jogging.
  • The device will improve posture, flatten the belly and shape the waist.
  • The functionality provides therapeutic and preventative measures in regard to weightlifting injury.
  • The FeelinGirl Waist Trimmer Belt is available in four sizes and five neon colors.


  • Buyers have found the construction to be of poor quality.
  • Consumers have complained this device is inadequate for physical activity.
  • The trimmer can be too tight and leaves the back sore.

Overall Value for the Money

The FeelinGirl Women’s Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt Body Shaper Back Brace is the best waist trainer corset for compression. It trains and shapes, taking off inches instantly and helping to strip away pounds in the long term.

Reformer Adjustable Waist Trimmer Ab Belt

Reformer Athletics Waist Trimmer for Faster Weight Loss


For faster weight loss, you want the Reformer Adjustable Waist Trimmer Ab Belt. The design protects the body, reducing the risk of injury during strenuous activity. It offers support if you’re suffering from poor posture or regular back pain. The product will help you stand up straight and return core balance by alleviating pressure on the spine.

One of the the best corsets for therapeutic fat burning, this device comes with a free adjustable impact resistant smartphone sleeve for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


  • If you need the support, this waist trimmer will help you stand straight and retrain your body for good posture.
  • The design accelerates weight loss through increased circulation in the abdominal area.
  • The trimmer is constructed of a quality three dimensional structure neoprene.


  • This product has been known to loosen to the point where it falls off.
  • The Velcro has ripped off.

Overall Value for the Money

The Reformer Adjustable Waist Trimmer Ab Belt will give you a flatter tummy and definitely play its part in weight loss. You have full control of its compression. If you exercise regularly and manage a healthy diet, use this device and increase the fat burn.

Nolan Women’s Waist Trainer Belt

Nolan Women’s Waist


Quality fabric, adjustable, breathable, the Nolan Women’s Waist Trainer Belt fits comfortably and compresses effectively, giving you the look you desire. It promises to not pitch, roll or irritate the skin. With the Sauna Slim Technology, you’ll look sexy while slimming down at twice normal speeds. One of the best waist training corsets, it targets the midsection to increase heat and burn fat.


  • This waist trimmer has double layered Velcro for adjustment to size accuracy and a mesh design for breathability.
  • The body shaper helps build that hourglass figure and is also good for back problems.
  • Suitable for all forms of physical sports and hobbies, it will burn body fat faster and ramp up calorie burning.


  • This device may not cover the belly sufficiently.
  • The Velcro is capable of pulling and sticking out.

Overall Value for the Money

The Nolan Women’s Waist Trainer Belt provides abdominal compression and increases heat to burn targeted fat. It has tummy tuck and back support with a stretchy fabric that safely reaches all the right places. This device will tone, shape and make you feel sexy.

MUKATU Women’s Waist Trainer Girdle

MUKATU Women’s Waist Trainer Girdle


For the perfect cincher to enhance your look and workouts, look no further than the MUKATU Women’s Waist Trainer Girdle. This is the best corset training device with the support for beautifully shaping your frame. The mesh design in the back promises breathability while you run, exercise, stretch or go shopping. Its double Velcro feature assures accurate sizing.


  • For added support, there are four reinforced acrylic bones enclosed in a heavy canvas.
  • This waist cincher has the versatility you will need for the most stringent workout regimens.
  • The double Velcro feature allows for sizing accuracy.
  • The product is easily cleaned by hand via lukewarm water or disposal disinfected wipes.


  • Users have said the product photos are misleading.
  • In time, the device begins to move around, interfering with workouts.
  • Some have said this product is more a back brace than a waist trainer.

Overall Value for the Money

The MUKATU Women’s Waist Trainer Girdle is a great opportunity to see what the best corset for waist training can do.

Womens Waist Trainer Belt

Womens Waist Trainer Belt


The Womens Waist Trainer Belt is a solid weight loss slimmer for women. It’s made of polyester, neoprene and latex. The design promises no jabbing or stabbing like similar devices. The adjustable straps ensures a tight fit and complete coverage of all the right areas.

This waist trimmer belt is a good choice for post-partum pregnancy or post-abdominal surgery. The structure of the trimmer’s boning system helps keep the spine in proper alignment, maximizing proper posture and easing back pain.


  • This is the waist trainer for getting rid of muffin tops, slimming the waist quickly, losing weight, minimizing abdominal weakness and strain, and keeping good posture.
  • The device is suitable for yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, cycling, and other sports and physical hobbies.


  • The corset has been known to lose its shape after a few wears.

Overall Value for the Money

From one waist cincher review to another, the Womens Waist Trainer Belt holds up. It provides flexibility and comfort, help burns stomach fat and increases the chances of getting that desired hourglass figure.

FeelinGirl Women’s Waist Trainer Belt

FeelinGirl Womens Waist Trainer


Stretchy, durable and strong, the FeelinGirl Women’s Waist Trainer Belt is a quick fix for getting into a dress for a special occasion. It’s also the answer for weight loss as it encourages sweating in the midsection during exercise. With this device in your toolkit, you’ll be on your way to an hourglass figure.


  • This waist trainer covers the stomach and back, compressing without discomfort.
  • It will pull the stomach in, align the spine and aid in sitting, standing and walking upright, advocating good posture.
  • This device will not scratch or bruise the skin.


  • The plastic strips have been said to roll, not only creating discomfort but decreasing the full affect of promised support.
  • The size dimensions are not true.

Overall Value for the Money

The FeelinGirl Women’s Waist Trainer Belt is a breathable mesh fabric and stretches to fit. It guarantees to make you sweat during your workouts while offering flexible support and compression. Also get the lumbar support you need in order to relieve back pain.

Benefits of Using a Waist Trainer

Though waist trainers have been around in one form or another for centuries, they have only recently become fashion statements. Millions of women have embraced the idea of the hourglass figure through waist training. Here are some top reasons why.

Waist trainers use low to high compression to wipe away inches from your waist simply by putting them on. This lets you optimize your look in your clothes whenever you need to.

Waist trainers firm and tone, and hide love handles and muffin tops.

The best waist training cinchers will assist in post-pregnancy body restoration. They are also excellent resources for rehabilitation and relief for after back surgery.

In that regard, you can use a waist trainer for back support and proper spine alignment.

After going through waist trainer corset reviews, you’ll discover these devices increase blood circulation and encourage sweating in the abdominal area. This will increase the burn of belly fat.

A good waist trimmer can be instrumental in managing back pain.

The best waist trimmers are adjustable, creating the slim look you want without restricting breathing and minimizing movement.

Even ardent students of Pilates and yoga love what the best waist training corsets can do in just a few minutes.

You do not need to be carrying extra weight to take advantage of waist trainers. Even slender woman have found the shaping to be dramatic.

These devices are an exceptional complement to exercise, helping you maintain form and function, and increasing sweating in the midsection to burn stubborn fat.

Benefits of Using a Waist TrainerWaist trainers have been directly linked to a reduction in headaches which are believed to be the result of disturbed nerves in the spine due to poor posture. The correction means less negative communication between the brain and spine and, in turn, fewer stress headaches.

Many of the benefits of using the best waist cinchers are instantaneous. Others can be achieved by responsible use of the devices. You will be able to improve posture, sculpt the figure and prevent injury.

[Georgette A. Williams is a new mother and writer. According to her, by time this article sees publication she’ll be sound asleep.]

How to Use Waist Trainers Effectively

Waist training requires diligence on the wearer’s part. The activity will be about managing a blend of diet and healthy recreation in conjunction with using the waist trainer. It can help get that hourglass figure, but the trainer isn’t a miracle worker. Sitting on the couch wearing a trainer while gouging on pizza, chips and soda will not get you far. Waist training is not about ignoring what you’re doing to your body while the trainer struggles to do its job.

Knowing which waist trainer works best is about safety and practicality, and finding the product that best suits that criteria. There are many risks associated with their use, including bodily injury. But this is only if you overdo or abuse the device. Waist training is no more dangerous than a sport. There can be accidents, most of which are avoidable.

How to Use Waist Trainers Effectively

The only true requirement for safe waist training is finding the best corset for weight loss and appearance. Try on as many as you can, but we would strongly advise you buy two or three at first, all selected from highly recommended waist trainer reviews. They should be different types from different manufacturers. This will give you a strong starting place. Give each one at least seven days to leave a proper impression of its capability. You’ll see how each one works, which ones work best with what’s hanging in your closet (not all trainer options work with all outfits) and give you the chance to see the pros and cons of each. Besides seeing results, you’ll likely end up with a favorite.

How to Use Waist Trainers EffectivelyThis process will also give you a strong idea of what you want out of these devices and help in deciding which corset is best for waist training.Waist training is safe as long as you listen to your body. In the beginning, there will be pain. If there isn’t, you’re doing it wrong. Over time, you will see results and become more comfortable with the device. As you see your waistline change in the positive, you’ll begin tightening the trainer more. The pain may begin anew, but you’ll better understand the process, comprehend how to manage it and gradually build the figure of your dreams.

While waist training is a process that requires diligence and patient, the first seven days will be indicative of how a product works for you. You will probably see results, but will also know if this is the right fit. Never over train during the first seven days.

Waist Trainer FAQs


  • Who sells the best waist trainers?

While we advise you check out a few shops where you can try waist trainers on, at the end of the day we suggest you try a site like Amazon. They’re guaranteed to have a wide range of choices, greatly improving your chances of getting the device that suits your physical goals.

  • Is waist training permanent?

No, it is not. It’s just like dieting and exercise. Unless you manage the process, your body could revert to the way it was, especially if you go back to old habits.

  • Can I train in an overbust?

No. As the bust can change size regularly, using a waist trainer can lead to instability. You don’t want to restrict the upper chest and the ability to breath. You could have a waist trainer custom made for the purpose though and increase the chances of a good fit.

  • Should I consult with a doctor before using a waist trainer?

We would advise you talk with your doctor before doing any activity that’s going to impact your physicality. But if there are any physical anomalies like fibromayalgia, scoliosis, asthma or back pain, talking with a medical professional before using a waist trainer is a must.

  • Can I sleep in a waist trainer?

Some products are designed for sleeping in, but even if the instructions do not say so, it is probably safe. See how you feel lying around in the device during the day. Remember, not all products were designed for long term wear.


ConclusionFrom the best waist trainer to how to use these products responsibly, we’ve covered a broad range of information about what makes these devices the safest and most affordable way to help shape your figure. These products are perfect for long term weight loss and physical fitness, and for quickly slimming the waist for a wedding or class reunion.

The concept behind these products is to sculpt the body, creating that ideal hourglass shape. You will hear many stories about how it doesn’t work, but there is just as much evidence that it does. We need to remember that no two experiences will be the same, even if we’re looking at two women who seem to have the same body type. Variables are so unpredictable, there’s no sensible way to determine how waist training will impact the body. We do know you can see results. It’s simply a matter of how much effort you want to put into it.

If you want to increase your chances of having those wondrous curves, waist training is definitely the way to go. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider. Boning, fabrics, closures, sizes and personal preference will all play their part. Between our waist trainer reviews and all the user-specific information compiled on these pages, we’re sure you’re ready to start your search for the best waist training corset money can buy.